Life on the road

Our shooting schedule for our current project is around two and a half weeks; that’s a reasonably long time to be on the road. It involves three different hotels, eight flights and several hundred miles.  Although we’re just in one country, while filming, we met up with someone who was currently on her fourth country with three more to go in the same time frame.

Being on the road can be tough; however, it’s all too easy to forget what a privilege it is. We meet fantastic people, see amazing places and are lucky to be allowed a glimpse into different lives.  But we’re only human and sometimes being away from home can be hard. Here are five essential things we’ve found useful to survive:

The right to privacy

I love travelling in a team; but we are individuals. However well you get on, you always need some space and time to be on your own to recharge. You don't always have to eat the hotel breakfast together.

Be flexible

For this kind of project, pre-production is vital. Flights scheduled, hotels booked, interviewees briefed. Pages of scripts; daily shot lists and call sheets. However, things always change. So roll with it, don’t fight it. It may turn out to be the best thing you did.


Yes, it’s work. It’s very easy when filming to be overwhelmed by the project; spending every waking minute thinking about the script, the shot or the edit. But just stop for five minutes and admire the scenery. Talk about something else. You’ll be glad you did.

Be kind

Being on the road is stressful. Flights don’t go on time. Mealtimes aren’t regular. You forget to bring socks. Make a conscious decision not to buy into the stress and be kind not only to others but yourself as well.


Aside from sunscreen, humor is the most essential thing to pack for a road trip. Not constant roll-‘em-in-the-aisles joke telling, just an ability to appreciate the funny side in everything.  Because there’s always a funny side.

Be there

It’s hard being away from home and loved ones. But you owe it to your travelling companions or the people you are meeting for business to be embrace the moment. Look around the meeting room; the people there may never come together again. Make the magic happen by recognizing that.