Perfect partners

Passion is one of the buzzwords of business. Today we actually found out what it meant.

Our filming took us to the Hunter Valley, north of Sydney – to Australia’s wine country.  Making wine, as the saying goes, takes a big fortune to make a small fortune. It’s a crowed marketplace with competition from every developed market. Even the Chinese are now getting in on the act, using their deep pockets to lure some of the world’s best winemakers to the new vineyards in China.

The Mount Pleasant Winery has vines dating back over 140 years. Stretching sleepily across the valley, once a year, around January or February, it wakes and becomes a hive of activity as the fruit is picked.  A day’s delay when pressing the go button can make all the difference between a good wine and a great one.

The people that work at Mount Pleasant describe being able to work there as a privilege.  They live, breathe and sleep wine; they are passion personified. For them, it’s a joy to arrive at work each day. When the tourists arrive, it’s just an excuse to talk about what they love. Their passion is tangible. It’s not a vision, etched on the wall or framed in the boardroom. It’s real.

A sports commentator told me once how he felt so lucky to be able to go to a rugby match, talk sport all afternoon and give everyone his opinion about how the game went. That's what he would be doing anyway, he said, except he traded the pub for a commentary box.  And got paid for it.

The passion both the commentator and the winemaker bring to the job must surely ensure a better end result. That passion is found in every drop of wine, in every bottle, in every sentence uttered, in every opinion offered. They care and it shows.

We share that passion when it comes to making videos. Modern coaching methods often teach the mantra it’s better done than perfect, but when you have a fervor for storytelling using pictures and sound, it’s hard not to chase that perfect shot. Let’s just try the take once more; let’s move the camera slightly to the left; let’s fly the drone just that bit higher.

That’s why today was just such a joy; passion met passion and we embraced it. The result was a day in a million. It was also a reminder that however early the mornings, however long the days, however far we travel from home, we are doing what we love and being able to make a living out of it is a bonus.  And for our client, the passion that was generated today will translate into a video that will inspire and delight.  But let’s just send the drone up once more …  

Our heartfelt thanks to the folks at Mount Pleasant Wines and McWilliams. You rock.